CM3 Automotive Detailing has served Elgin, Illinois and the surrounding Chicago area since 2015. We are in the business of making cars beautiful, inside and out, and we look forward to serving you at your next detailing appointment. Whether you need vacuuming between your car seats or a ceramic coating to protect your car, we have you covered. There's nothing we love more than revealing the like-new vehicle that was hiding under dirt, grime, and wear that has built up after weeks and months of driving around Illinois. If you want to drive a vehicle that feels like it just came off the lot, CM3 Automotive Detailing in Elgin is the solution.

CM3 Automotive Detailing stands apart from the rest because we provide you with a rental car while you wait for your vehicle to be ready. We want to make sure you can stay on the move to keep up with your daily life instead of waiting for us to finish. Some of our high-end services include:

  • Interior detailing
  • Exterior detailing
  • Paint polishing
  • Ceramic coatings
  • And more


When you're in your vehicle, you want to be in comfort. You likely spend a portion of your day commuting in your car, and you will want it to be a spot that you enjoy being. Whether you drive five minutes a day or an hour, going in a clean and comfortable car will make your drive more pleasant. Our interior detailing services can take care of upholstery, removing dings, cleaning, and more.


If you have some scuffs on your car, we've got you covered! We can buff out scrapes, scratches, and some dents so that your car looks great once again. We know that driving always has its risks, even if that's just the gradual wear and tear of weather or pebbles beating on your vehicle. Let the CM3 Automotive Detailing team take care of you so your car looks wonderful


Keep your paint shining bright in all weather with high-quality polishing from our Elgin auto experts. Along with removing any scuffs from exterior detailing, we can retouch your paint so it looks excellent day in and day out.


We're especially proud of our Opti-Coat® and Owner's Pride® ceramic coating dealership certifications. CM3 Automotive Detailing offers these top-of-the-line ceramic coats that effectively eliminate the need for repetitive, expensive waxing. Your paint will be protected for the long term, and you won't have to give it another thought! Ceramic coating is highly effective, long-lasting, and can even increase the value of your car! Throughout our testing and training, we found that Opti-Coat® and Owner's Pride® offered the best results, and we are happy to be able to pass these excellent results on to you and your vehicle.